Day 4 Preview : 2 Grounds and Wembley

day 4 grounds

If I make it as far as Day 4, it’s going to be the hardest day of the lot. Not only will I have already run close to 80 miles over the previous 3 days, but the route is going to be monotonous and has by far the fewest stadium visits of any of the other days, which is something I really won’t want at this point. However, the end will be in site and I will hopefully start to feel like I have truly done something that I would never have thought I could do 3 years ago, whilst raising money for Prostate Cancer UK in the process.

Ground 14 – The Hive (Barnet FC)

White Hart Lane to The Hive - 11.25 miles
White Hart Lane to The Hive – 11.25 miles

Ok, so we’re technically not talking about a Football League ground here, but they’ve been involved in in recent years, so it made sense to add an extra mile onto the route out to Vicarage Rd so that I could tick off another stadium. We’ll be in for an early start on day four as we have that 3pm deadline looming… It’s a long way from White Hart Lane to The Hive, so I’ll be taking it easy in the relatively early hours. I’ll be trying to shake the aches out of my legs as I head west through Finchley and Edgware.

This is a last minute addition to the route, but the more the merrier! NB: I have the right to change my mind about how I feel here when/if I actually get there.

Ground 15 – Vicarage Road (Watford FC)

The Hive to Vicarage Road -
The Hive to Vicarage Road – 6.9 miles

And so I head north 6.9 miles to Vicarage Rd, the home of Watford Football Club. It’s the last stadium that I’ll be visiting before I head back down south to return to Wembley. I have no idea how I’ll be feeling by this point in the run – if I can still move at anything resembling a run, it’ll be a success in my eyes!

I’m hoping I can take my time at Vicarage Rd, recover slightly and then finish on a flourish as I hit the home straight! In reality, I’ll touch a wall and then hobble off down some A-road in a desperate attempt to finish before I become finished and before the Championship Play Off Final kicks off!

Vicarage Road to Wembley - 11 miles
Vicarage Road to Wembley – 9.5 miles

Then there’s just a small matter of that last 9.5 miles… Watford, why couldn’t you be just outside the M25 or something?

The finish line.

After arriving at Wembley Stadium, I’m going madly in search of Shake Shack. I’ve dreamed about doing this since I decided to do this run. It’s just a shame it’s in Covent Garden, so if we’re being realistic, I’ll probably have to settle for a box of Krispy Kremes instead. So close, yet so damn far!

Then that will be that. I’ll swear that I’m never going to do anything like this again, but anyone that knows me knows that I’ll be thinking about my next challenge as we head back to Nottingham in the car, whilst listening to the match on the radio and hoping that Queens Park Rangers do the business!




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