Day 3 Preview : 4 Grounds

day 3 grounds

Day 3 is going to be a massive struggle from the off. I’ve run long distances before – when I ran from Nottingham to Birmingham and Nottingham to Sheffield, they were both long distances on consecutive days, but this will be the first time I’ll have run massive distances over 3 days, with 1 more to come! Here’s hoping for some help from CherryActive!

Ground 10 – Victoria Road to the Boelyn Ground (West Ham United)

Victoria Road to The Boelyn Ground - 6 miles
Victoria Road to The Boelyn Ground – 6 miles

Running out to the home of Dagenham and Redbridge means that I form a huge arm away from an otherwise circular route around London, so I’ll be following the same route back westwards as I make the 6 mile run to the home of West Ham United – the Boelyn Ground.

It’s a decent distance to use as a set of warm up miles for the day, but it will hurt. West Ham is another great stadium, though, so I’m very much looking forward to arriving there. Hoping for better memories than my previous trips there when watching Forest get thrashed…

Ground 11 – The Boelyn Ground to The Matchroom Stadium (Leyton Orient)

The Boelyn Ground to The Matchroom Stadium (via The Olympic Park) - 4.75 miles
The Boelyn Ground to The Matchroom Stadium (via The Olympic Park) – 4.75 miles

During this section of the route, I have decided to take a bit of a detour from the most direct path. I’ve done this to take in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium. I’ve never been before, so I figured it would be a great addition to the run. In a few years’ time, it will also be West Ham’s new stadium, so it kinda makes sense! Come this point in proceedings, though, I’ll probably really regret adding it into the route.

Most of this section will be along the Greenway, which looks like it’ll be a really welcome break to roadside paths that will make up 90% of the rest of the run!

After visiting the Olympic Park, it’ll be a short 1.5 miles north towards the home of Leyton Orient, bringing this sections total mileage to 4.76 miles.

Ground 12 – Brisbane Road to The Emirates (Arsenal)

The Matchroom Stadium to The Emirates -
The Matchroom Stadium to The Emirates – 5.2 miles

As far as stadiums go in England, you don’t get any that are much more impressive than the Emirates (sorry, CJH)! I’m only going to see it from the outside, but I’m looking forward to it. Again, it’s a stadium that I see pictures of every day whilst I’m sitting in the office, so to arrive there after having run around 70 miles, I’m hoping it’ll be an exciting time!

This section of the route is around 5.2 miles and doesn’t involve many turns or complicated directions. This might sound pretty monotonous, but when you get tired, your brain doesn’t quite function as you would want it to and increases the risk of cognitive mistakes (ie. taking the wrong turn), so it’ll possibly be quite welcome at this time!

I’m going to be in touch with some of the guys at Arsenal, so hopefully I’ll have some kind of interaction with them on social media, which will help boost coverage about the run and Prostate Cancer UK.

Ground 13 – The Emirates to White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspur)

The Emirates to White Hart Lane - 4.5 miles
The Emirates to White Hart Lane – 4.5 miles

Forgetting one of the greatest rivalries in English football, I’ll be hoping to build bridges by running straight from The Emirates to Spurs’ White Hart Lane. It’s a 4.5 mile route almost directly north and this will be the last stadium of the day that I will visit.

I’m going to be sore, hungry, tired and seriously lacking in concentration, so I hope it’s going to be pretty straight forward! Spurs have been great, so all being well I’ll be meeting someone when I arrive at the ground.

After I’m done there, I’m going to try and notch off a few more miles before calling it a day. White Hart Lane will come at about the 73 mile marker, which would leave me with about 27 miles left to run on the final day. I want to leave myself with about 20 miles to run on the Saturday as I won’t quite have the luxury of time. The Play Off Final kicks off at 3pm and I want to be done by then. So with this in mind, I’ll finish somewhere in north London around East Finchley.

Anything past 3pm and I’ll feel massively like I have let myself down. I’m not prepared for that to happen, so if Friday needs to be a late one, then so be it!

Then it’s off to Travelodge number 3 for a good night’s rest!

Nearly there… Nearly there.


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