Have you brought any fruits or vegetables on the planet?

This time in two weeks, I will hopefully be recovering after my first day running around west London. I should have at least twenty six miles under my belt and my feet will be resting in the comfort of a Travelodge in Chessington.

Back to the more present day; I completed my last long run of training on Sunday, which saw me hit just short of 18 miles at a pace of 8:14 minutes per mile. From here in, it will be relatively short runs at less frequent intervals as I maintain fitness without putting unnecessary stress on my body.

Owning the Grantham Canal... again.
Owning the Grantham Canal… again.

All my hotels are booked, which means I can now officially look forward to a tour of London’s Travelodges. I’ve ordered some back up shoes for the route and I’ve ordered some new kit. All completely necessary, but also all coming at a fairly big expense. I do still have a lot to buy before we head down to the Capital next Tuesday, but it’s all for charity, though. As long as my body holds up, I have no issues with the cost of it all!

I’m also looking to include another couple of stadiums in the route, but I’ll talk more about those as I preview each day of the run over the next two weeks.

As you may know, I’m a big wrestling fan. A good friend of mine pointed me  in the direction of the following story, which I found incredibly inspirational and I really wanted to include it in my blog… The video tells an amazing story about a courageous young WWE fan known as Connor the Crusher, who recently lost a long battle with cancer. If this doesn’t affect you, you’ve a heart of stone!

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. Not a lot to say, but nobody likes to see a stale blog.

Two weeks… two weeks.


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