Update 815

I’m sitting awake at 1am listening to the soundtrack from Lost season 4. I would normally like to be asleep by now, but the combination of a late night last night, an early start this morning and a near 16 mile run shortly after rising has meant that I’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness all day and I’m not struggling to sleep.

It’s been a little while since I announced the run and wheels are starting to turn nicely behind the scenes. Training is going well and I’m spending a lot of time reaching out to various avenues in an effort to gain publicity for the run and Prostate Cancer UK.

Provisional running route. V1.0
Provisional running route. V1.0

Since March 1st, I’ve managed to clock up over 160 miles, which is great, but most importantly – I’ve remained injury free. After finishing the run to Sheffield last year, it’s been a huge challenge to try and keep injuries at bay. I’m favouring mileage over speed and I’m dedicating a large chunk of the preparation to work on home physio and foam rolling. It appears to be working and as each long run goes by, I’m feeling ever more confident.

I was lucky enough to be joined by my brother, Tom, for today’s run. The company is good (so long as he shuts up about Disney’s Frozen for a little while) and the conversation keeps my mind of the monotony of the route. Don’t get me wrong, I love my long runs along the Grantham Canal, but it gets boring when you’ve covered it week in, week out for the last few years! We also had a slight footrace against ‘Pigeon Man’. We nicknamed him that cos ran like a pigeon. Oh, and he was a man.

We won. It doesn’t matter that he must have been in his 60s at least.

The picturesque Grantham Canal

As for publicity, I’ve spent most of my time on this targeting the football clubs that I’m running to and the support from the majority of them has been both surprising and extremely motivating. I’ll go into more detail as we approach the start date, but there are some exciting things to talk about!

I’m very pleased with how the sponsorship and raising awareness is going. If you’ve raised money for charity in the past and you have a conscience, it’s very, very hard and, at times, very awkward to beg for money. That’s why I have opted to direct people to Prostate Cancer UK’s Men United campaign alongside the option to donate. I called in a lot of favours from people when I did the City Ground to Other Grounds campaign and then the Amsterdam Cycle, so I expected this one to be relatively quiet. However, I’ve already raised more money than I thought I would by this stage and I hope this will slowly build ahead of the run start at Wembley on May 21st.

With regards to people taking the Men United quiz, I hope that a small number of people taking part have done so because of me.


For now, I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow ahead of another hard week’s worth of training.

Be good.


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